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SAD Magazine – Jenny and the Pickle

Actually, Mercury hadn’t stopped laughing. He was choking now. Squawking and coughing; throwing up bile. Jenny tried to kick him in the stomach but she burned off her right shoe in the process. Now she was barefoot. After another bout of choking, Mercury changed from red to blue. His flames got smaller.


Bandit Fiction – Honey and Home by Hannah Ewing

We took the property out of necessity, and because even though it was a basement suite there were no tenants upstairs, leaving us to the quiet of our own lovemaking or shouting in the mornings. We had even become used to the sound of the mother next door, who screamed at her small children…

Print publications:

The Quarantine Review, Issue 6

Pearls Anthology, edition 37

Pearls Anthology, edition 38

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